butterfly1 butterfly2 The adventure club for kids to travel from digital to active play

Our most important job is to help children have serious fun, build self confidence and connect them to the world in ways that develop a healthy appetite for life.

Serious Fun Delivered

  •  What’s In The Box? A box full of adventure for children ages 3-6. Including augmented reality features: Read Along Audio-book, Podcast, 3D Animations, Digital Mini-games, and much more!
  •  The Interactive Storybook Designed to let young readers take part in the story. Read the traditional way or use a smart device to interact with characters and environments.
  •  Aunt Nellie’s Podcast Postcard Receive a postcard from a faraway land, and from the best explorer in the world! Scan the image and listen to Aunt Nellie’s latest amazing adventure!
  •  Collectible Beansie Badges You just found your very first Beansie! Isn’t it just the cutest? Scanning the badge brings each Beansie to life! Collect all 12.
  •  Get Dressed For Adventure Felt Playset What should you wear today? Find out by playing dress-up! Check the weather outside and put on the right clothes. Over 50 washable and non-toxic items to choose from.
  •  Secret Garden Poster and Stickers Everyone knows explorers love maps. Here’s yours! Use the stickers to mark the locations you’ve explored.
  •  Augmented Reality Adventures Delightfully designed by experts, it’s a balanced, wholesome and effective tool to educate, entertain and boost kids’ imaginations! They’ll love it!
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  • Let the adventure begin! To take part in the adventure you will need to: read, listen, watch, play, cook, participate and have fun.

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“Bringing back play into the lives of children lies at the heart of the PK Beans brand. Albert Einstein once said, “If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.” In that same spirit, welcome to the PK Beans Explorers Club.
Explore. Have fun. Go Play!”

Traci Costa

Imagine. Play. Explore!

Playtime needs to be balanced and healthy to benefit your child’s development—just like any nutritious meal.

Our adventure experiences contain the following key ingredients, proven to support emotional, physical, social and cognitive development in kids.

  • Purposeful Active Play: Includes active play components, essential for childhood development.
  • Balanced Digital Engagement: Digital activities are used purposefully and in moderation, letting kids pause and think.
  • Imagination and Ingenuity Booster: Storytelling ties everything together, engaging kids and their imaginations throughout.
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