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“Bringing back play into the lives of children lies at the heart of the PK Beans brand. Albert Einstein once said, “If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.” In that same spirit, welcome to the PK Beans Explorers Club.
Explore. Have fun. Go Play!”

-Traci Costa

Proven to support emotional, physical, social and cognitive development in kids.

Active Play:

Includes active play components, essential for childhood development.

Balanced Digital Engagement:

Digital activities are used purposefully and in moderation, letting kids pause and think.

Imagination and Ingenuity Booster:

Storytelling ties everything together, engaging kids and their imaginations throughout.


Exclusive Explorers Club Book

32-page fully illustrated, interactive storybook. Use the app to scan markers and unlock the audio feature, games and much more!

Aunt Nellie Podcast Postcard

Listen to a 10-minute podcast story from world renowned explorer, Aunt Nellie!

Beansie Badge

Watch Beansie friend come to life with 3D character animation feature. Each Beansie has a unique look and personality!

Location Sticker

Marks where you’ve been on the map and all the exciting adventures you have coming up next!

Illustrated Instructions

Easy to follow directions for even our youngest explorers and so much fun!

Unique Custom-Designed Active Play Component

Whether its a new fun game or activity book to follow along with, each box brings you a new way to play!



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