Spend more Active Playtime with your 3+ year old



Active Play:

Digital activities are used purposefully and in moderation, letting kids pause and think.

Balanced Digital Engagement:

Digital activities are used purposefully and in moderation, letting kids pause and think.

Balanced Digital Engagement:

Digital activities are used purposefully and in moderation, letting kids pause and think.


Exclusive Explorers Club Book

32-page fully illustrated, interactive storybook. Use the app to scan markers and unlock the audio feature, games and much more!

Aunt Nellie Podcast Postcard

Listen to a 10-minute podcast story from world renowned explorer, Aunt Nellie!

Beansie Badge

Watch Beansie friend come to life with 3D character animation feature. Each Beansie has a unique look and personality!

Location Sticker

Marks where you’ve been on the map and all the exciting adventures you have coming up next!

Illustrated Instructions

Easy to follow directions for even our youngest explorers and so much fun!

Unique Custom-Designed Active Play Component

Whether its a new fun game or activity book to follow along with. Each box brings you a new way to play!

Jack and Lilah begin their adventures as new explorers to find the secret garden in The Rainbow Tree. Along the way, they meet Beebo, a cute and cuddly Beansie, who wants to find his friends. Everyone knows explores help their friends! Jack and Lilah learn that when you work together you get more accomplished!

Book: The Rainbow Tree

Active Play: The Get Dressed for Adventure Felt Board Playset makes learning fun! Use the weather icons to match the weather outside. Choose the clothes for the weather conditions or just play and have fun! Kids learn about getting dressed by moving and layering felt pieces. Felt pieces include tops, bottoms, accessories and much more!


Jack and Lilah begin their adventures in the Secret Garden to find Croaker’s Pond. Jack, Lailah and Beebo hop on Bo the Boat and follow the map to an underwater circus! Jack and Lilah perform underwater! They make a new Beansie friend, Anee, who is a very good swimmer.

Active Play Component: Grandpa’s Polka Dot Cookie Recipe 28-page Activity Book with Stickers

There’s a special book of fun-filled activities, to stimulate imaginations and help kids learn concepts like numbers and character recognition, spatial and ordered reasoning and much more!



Jack and Lailah, joined by Beebo and Anee, pack all their explorer things for yet another adventure. Jack and Lilah learn about how the Beansie left Bean town to explore the Secret Garden and lost their way back. They follow the clues to the Rainbow Tree over an ice bridge and into a secret cave where they find Beansie Amoo and bring him home. 

Active Play Component: The Scavenger Hunt Game

Play 2 different games with this beautifully illustrated 52-piece card set. The 32-piece Felt Fantasy Booster Pack for the Felt Board Playset is included for more fun! 

Jack, Lilah and Beebo are heading for the greenhouse. And guess what? Beebo’s leading the way! Do you think there’s a green thumb in their little group? Once there, they all work together, plant the seeds and watch them quickly grow into an entire amusement park – full of animals! They meet Leela, a Beansie who knows everything about the amusement park!

Active Play Component: The Balancing Garden Game

Build your 3D Balancing Garden as high as you can! Just add beautiful colorful leaves and beautiful blossoms to a balancing base. But watch out. Too many leaves and it might fall over!

Do you know where Jack and Lilah are going today? How far can you hike? Have you ever seen a lizard? Get your questions ready for the canyon. And keep your eyes peeled for a pretty surprise!

Active Play Component: Memory Game

Everyone loves the memory game. How many matches can you make? Everything’s better in twos! Play with a friend or try to beat the clock!

It’s a very special day for Jack and Lilah. It’s their most important adventure yet. And yours, too! Are you ready to help? Get ready, because anything can happen inside the amazing maze…. and above it!

Active Play Component: The Maze Board Game

Two games in one! It’s a race to the opposite garden wall! Just watch out for the Moving Maze…it makes things harder, but a lot more exciting! Flip the board over for a different kind of race. Ladders take you up, and vines slide you down. Who’ll be first to reach the top?

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“Bringing back play into the lives of children lies at the heart of the PK Beans brand. Albert Einstein once said, “If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.” In that same spirit, welcome to the PK Beans Explorers Club.
Explore. Have fun. Go Play!”

-Traci Costa

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